Why Having a Well-Maintained Lawn Will Increase Your Property’s Value

Why Having a Well-Maintained Lawn Will Increase Your Property's Value

Having a well-maintained lawn is crucial when it comes to selling your home. Here’s why:

Curb Appeal

Justin Havre recently conducted a study on curb appeal within the city of Calgary and its effect on home prices and was kind enough to share his findings. This study found that due to increased curb appeal a well-maintained lawn and property have, that it could increase a home’s resale value by 7-14%!

With the average home price in Calgary being just over$476,000, that is an extra $33,000-$66,000 in your pocket! Just from having a higher curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Factors

There are a number of factors that go into your house’s “curb appeal”. With some being far easier to achieve and maintain than others. Two of the biggest ones in Calgary are:

Yearlong Property Maintenance mowed lawn

Well-Maintained, Professional Lawn

During the spring and summer months, when many people are trying to sell their houses, the easiest way to help your property stand out and increase its curb appeal is with a stunning lawn. Not only should it be freshly mowed, but also be edged, and weed-free.

Since so much of your property ends up being lawn it is the best way to increase the curb appeal of your house, day in and day out. So that when you’re ready to sell you’re ready to get top dollar.

Clear, Recently Shovelled Walkway and Driveway

In the winter months, the best way to increase the curb appeal for your property is to have properly cleared sidewalks and driveways. Whether this involves hiring a professional to come and complete snow removal every time it snows or doing it yourself. It is essential for your walkways to be clear and free of snow every single day that your house is on the market.


But just how important is curb appeal? An extra 7-14% increase in value is remarkable, but certainly, there are things that can affect it more? And that is true, but only barely.

The same study found that the only two things that lowered a property’s resale value more than curb appeal were sinkholes and homicides. Two things you never want to have to deal with. But a bad, unkept lawn may put you in the conversation with them.

Seeing overgrown grass, weeds all over, and no edging whatsoever can have detrimental effects, dropping a property’s value by up to 20%! Simply because they couldn’t maintain the curb appeal so desirable to those looking to purchase a home.

How to Have a Well-Maintained Lawn and High Curb Appeal

Obviously, there is more that goes into curb appeal than simply a well-maintained lawn. But it is by far the easiest part to start with. It is also extremely time-consuming and can take a lot of research and knowledge to be able to maintain it in a professional lawn care-looking state. So rather than wasting all of your time trying your best to maintain the high curb appeal, you desire to increase the value of your home, consider hiring a professional.

By hiring a professional and letting them maintain your lawn and your property you will save yourself hours of time, and you will have the best job possible, on a reliable basis, every single week.

This consistency and reliability mean that no matter when someone is looking at your property to buy they will see it when it’s looking its best and you will be able to get 7-14% more. Just by calling a professional lawn care company to maintain your curb appeal.


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