When Should I Start My Lawn Care In the Spring?

When Should I Start My Lawn Care In the Spring?

As winter starts to fade away and the snow in Calgary begins to melt you will start wondering about spring. Specifically, when should you start mowing your lawn? Will mowing it too early affect how it grows through the summer? Will waiting too long hurt it? How do I know for sure? All of the answers about when to start your lawn care routine can be found here.

What Happens to Grass During the Winter?

During Canadian winters a lot happens to your grass. Due to our long, often very snow-filled winters your grass will have a lot of weight and a lot of snow on it for a long time. This will cause the soil underneath the grass to compress and compact, have dry patches appear, and develop a large amount of snow mould.

All of these factors will affect how long you should wait before beginning your spring lawn care routine.

Hard Soil Underneath

Having a layer of hard soil underneath your grass after the winter can cause your grass to become drier, quicker. It does not give the underlying foundation of your grass the ability to absorb water and nutrients the same that it would in later parts of the year.

This hard soil also means that the solid underneath can be frozen lower down while being thawed on the surface. The combination of frozen and not can make it hard to judge when the soil is completely thawed and ready to be cared for.

What To Do After the Snow Melts

In order to leave yourself in the best position to begin your lawn care as soon as the ground thaws there are some things, you can do to your lawn. A combination of aeration, fertilizing, and power raking can make your lawn experience some of the best growth it has had in years!


Aerating is the process of creating small holes in your lawn in order to allow the water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the surface. To do this requires the use of an aerator. This is an automated machine that looks like a roller with nubs on it. This should be done as soon as the snow is clear to allow the soil to decompress. It also allows the ground to begin having the water penetrate to its roots.


Fertilizing a lawn can be done in any of a number of ways, but it is important to find the ideal mixture. Applying a good lawn fertilizer will help your lawn grow throughout the summer. It can also help with the killing and preventing of weeds as your lawn begins to grow.

Applying a bad fertilizer can do the opposite. A bad fertilizer can damage, and even kill your beautiful lawn.

Power Raking

Power raking is the use of a motorized piece of equipment to remove excess fry grass from underneath the growing layer. Doing this allows the grass to retain water better, and grow easier. Rather than competing for nutrients with all of the dead grass surrounding it, it can simply grow.

How to do All of This

Not everyone owns, or wants to rent an aerator, power rake, and spend a ton on fertilizer. So for many of these tasks, it is easier, and more likely to be done correctly, if you hire a company. A good reliable professional like us will ensure that everything is done correctly for your spring yard cleanup. This means you can take a hands-off approach to your lawn. You can have all of the benefits of a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, with none of the work of maintaining it.


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