On-demand vs. Monthly Snow Removal: Whats the Difference?

On-demand vs. Monthly Snow Removal: Whats the Difference?

When it comes to hiring someone to clear snow in Calgary there are a number of options to choose from, with the two most common options being monthly snow removal and On-demand snow removal. So what’s the difference? And which should you choose?

What’s the Difference?

On-Demand Snow Removal

On-demand snow clearing is exactly what it sounds like. Every time it snows, you will call your company of choice and they will come out and shovel for you. It is completely within your control how often they come, or even if they come at all. Because of this flexibility it appeals to a lot of people and is widely used throughout the industry.

Monthly Snow Removal

Monthly snow clearing is almost the complete opposite of on-demand snow clearing. Rather than paying someone and calling them every time it snows to come and shovel your property you instead pay a flat monthly fee. Because you pay this monthly fee the company will come out every single time it snows. It doesn’t matter if it snowed 1 cm or 30 cm. It also doesn’t matter if it snowed every day in the month or no days. You pay the same monthly fee.

Advantages of Each Option

On-demand Snow Removal Advantages

By far the biggest advantage when it comes to on-demand snow clearing is that you can call them whenever you need. While this is itself isn’t necessarily an advantage, as you theoretically need them every time it snows, the cost savings are the after effect. By only calling for snow removal on the heaviest of snowfall days you will likely spend less per month than you would by using a monthly service.

Monthly Snow Removal Advantages

Monthly snow clearing is nothing but advantages. Not only do you not have to call every single time it snows to get your property cleared, but you also don’t have to be the judge of if it has snowed enough to be worth calling. By having this consistent clearing done you will also avoid tons of unnecessary work for yourself by not having ice build-up under the snow, or compacted snow not coming off of your property after weeks of sitting.

Monthly snow clearing can also largely eliminate the need for ice melt, giving you a clear, undamaged sidewalk and driveway for years to come. All while having no snow on them on a regular basis, for a price you know won’t change.

Disadvantages of Each

On-demand Snow Removal Disadvantages

There are numerous disadvantages to on-demand snow removal, but by far the largest is the potential for hazards such as ice and compacted snow to build up over time. Because your snow is only removed during the largest snowfalls when you feel it necessary to call ice is far more likely to build up underneath the surface. After the snow is cleared this ice will remain and could pose a danger to anyone unfortunate enough to step on it.

To clear this ice you may also need to begin ice-melting your property. This can do permanent damage to your sidewalks and driveways, leading to higher costs and more work in the long term.

Monthly Snow Removal Disadvantages

The largest, and only disadvantage to monthly snow removal is the cost. Because you are paying, no matter the amount of snow you may pay more than if you used an on-demand service. However, even this disadvantage is outweighed by the heavier months, where you will spend less than an on-demand service.

Snowfall days requiring snow removal in Calgary
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This is especially true in places like Calgary, where for several months of the year you will have snow every single day. A good monthly snow removal service in Calgary can save you time and money long term.

Which Snow Removal Option Should You Go with?

Without a doubt, the answer to this is monthly snow removal. Not only do the advantages far outnumber the disadvantages, but it is safer. By having a monthly service and not allowing snow and ice to build up your property remains safe. Your long-term costs will be lower. And you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that no matter how much it snows, your walks will be cleared. So when you’re considering a snow removal company, always make it a monthly provider.


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