Fall Clean Up

Our flexible or All-Inclusive Options for Your Fall Clean up in Calgary

Clean-ups are essential for healthy Lawn Care in Calgary.  With our drastic temperature fluctuations and excessive snowfall, the Fall yard clean-up prevents excessive thatch, mould and bacteria from building up in the lawn.  The lawn will return to its glory quicker in the spring with a fall clean up add a spring clean up and the results will be great

Many of our competitors charge for each service when doing seasonal clean ups. We don’t like that and pride ourselves on being different. Everything from power raking to aerating is included in our seasonal clean-up packages, so you know you’re getting the best quality, for no extra cost!

Our Fall Clean up package includes all of the following

Fall Yard Clean Up

Hand Raking

Hand raking and removal of any and all leaves throughout your yard ensures that your grass stays looking amazing and healthy

fall yard clean up calgary


Perforating the soil with small holes in order to allow air, water and nutrients to perforate deep into the soil, helping your lawn grow healthy

city of calgary fall clean up

Final Mow

Mowing your lawn keeps it fresh and healthy. Grass growth and maintenance is a key part to any healthy lawn.

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Fall Fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer is a great way to help your lawn grow thicker and more lavish come spring.

Fall Yard Clean up options Starting at Only


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