Fall Fertilizer in Calgary : What You Need to Know

when to fall fertilize in calgary

Why Fertilize in the Fall?

When you fertilize in the fall it delivers vital nutrients to encourage deep root growth and will help your lawn to store essential nutrients over the long cold Canadian winter.
Winter fertilizers are used to increase sugar storage in the grass crowns (base of the leaves).
Robust, sugar-filled crowns are not only hardier and disease-resistant during the winter, but they also green up more quickly in the spring.
fall fertilizer in calgary
When to put downfall fertilizer in Calgary

When to Fertilize?

An ideal time would be 3 weeks before the ground freezes.
The first day of ground frost is the perfect reminder that you need to apply fertilizer in the coming weeks.
Grass blades cease growing after five consecutive days of temperatures in the 7 to 10 degrees Celsius range, accompanied by nighttime temperatures at or below minus-1 degrees.
In Calgary, 2020, looking at the monthly forecast it appears that we will meet these environmental conditions in the last week of October, so the winter fertilizer should be applied in the first week of October.
Both for the grass to absorb the nutrients and increase sugar storage.
frosted grass and ground
Fall clean up Calgary

What to Fertilize With?

The three numbers on a bag of fertilizer indicate:
– Nitrogen
– Phosphorus
– Potassium.
lawn fall fertilize numbers circled
When to fertilize grass in Calgary

What is Nitrogen for?

  • Essential for growth of foliage;
  • Produces lush, tender, green leaves (or grass blades);
  • Deficiency results in a yellow-green colour (chlorosis) and little or no growth;
  • It is easily flushed through the soil.

What is Phosphorous for?

  • It stimulates root growth;
  • Hastens the maturity of plants;
  • Promotes the development of flowers, fruits, seeds;
  • Deficiency can result in slow or stunted growth and purplish discoloration on leaves;
  • Remains in the soil quite well.

What is Potassium for?

  • Gives the vigour to tolerate changing weather conditions;
  • Helps resist disease;
  • Assists in the food manufacturing process;
  • Strengthens cell wall structure for strong stems;
  • Deficiency can cause week stems and slow growth;
  • Leaches from the soil, not so fast as nitrogen.
To fertilize in the fall, we apply a local, Alberta-made fertilizer from Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers with a formula of 14-16-10. This push of phosphorus will stimulate root growth.
Contact us now to get started on keeping your yard healthy and happy all year long!

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