Aspen Woods Lawn Care – What To Do?

Aspen Woods Lawn Care - What To Do-min

Aspen Woods is a fast-growing community in Calgary located in the west of Calgary with approximately 9,000 residents. And unlike a lot of similar neighbourhoods within the city, it is home to a large number of acreages.

Having these acreages in Aspen Heights can cause several unique lawn care aspects that must be taken into account when servicing the area, and we take pride in our ability to meet and explain these aspects to you.


One of the hardest challenges of lawn care in Aspen Woods is the size of the lots. While small, inner-city lots may take a matter of minutes to mow and maintain well acreages take much more care, attention, and time. Finding a company that is willing to treat these lots with the care and attention they need can be hard. Many treat all their yards the same. Small apartment triplex, or 2 acres. To them, it is all the same.

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Often these larger lots also come with a unique challenge. Landscaping. This can mean trees, flowerbeds, or anything else that isn’t grass on your lawn. While landscaping your Aspen Woods property can make it look amazing it can also cause quite the challenge when trying to mow your lawn and maintain your yard. Not only will you have to mow, but you will also have to trim, weed whack, aerate, and more in a more specific route. The spring yard clean-up can be especially tough!

This can be quite challenging as not only do you have to cover the area taken but by the landscaping, but you have to be sure to not damage it while working. This can be hard to do in particular with flowerbeds and hedges, but with enough experience, and the right amount of patience, it can be done.


Everyone knows that one of the key features of an amazing-looking lawn is well-done edging. This is where you cut away the excess and overgrown grass that hangs over pathways, sidewalks, etc. Having this small line separating your landscaping from the rest of the lawn makes a huge difference. On the complex nature of Aspen Woods property, however, this process can be difficult. They are usually larger, usually have lots of landscaping, and can take quite a while to edge in their entirety.


What To Do for Lawn Care in Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods is a unique neighbourhood with its own unique lawn care needs. Sometimes it can feel like a lot when confronted with it at face value. But there are several things you can do to help you have the best lawn in the neighbourhood!

The first is to know your needs, and know your property. Where do you want your landscaping to be cut back to? How long do you want your grass? Are there any trouble areas on your property that may grow faster than others? Are there trouble areas that may need a little extra love? All of these things will help you when trying to maintain the best lawn you can.

The second is to hire a professional like us. With the size and complexity of many of the lots in Aspen Woods, it can quickly get overwhelming to keep track of everything and maintain a good property maintenance schedule, week in and week out. By hiring a professional you get all of their years of experience, their equipment, and everything else needed to maintain your property exactly how you want.


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